The Proven Power of Data-Driven Marketing: Insights from Dennis Yu

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What if you could stop the cycle of losing money to underperforming marketing

agencies you hire as a vendor?

Clear communication, as opposed to pure "copywriting" is an art-- to cut right to what


Agencies or various gurus fail not because their advice is necessarily "bad", but because

it's not the right diagnosis or treatment for YOUR situation.

Patients (meaning our audience) can learn a few simple techniques on how to diagnose

and treat themselves here-- and it's not technical.

The vendors don't even know this, since they're usually sales bros, not technicians who

know how to find the signal of what's working to amplify it, plus kill the losers in your

marketing efforts.

What you're about to read is a concise summary of our enlightening podcast

conversation with Dennis Yu:

In a recent episode of the Strategic Advisor Board War Room podcast, host Phillip

Lanos had the pleasure of sitting down with Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics, to discuss

the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Dennis, a mathematician at heart, shared

his unique perspective on how data and analytics have revolutionized marketing


From Math Competitions to Marketing Mastery

Dennis Yu's journey into marketing was anything but conventional. As a self-proclaimed

"math guy," his fascination with data led him to discover the vast opportunities

presented by the internet. "The world of the internet gives off so much data, and when

there's all this data, it's like going to Las Vegas and you can cheat, but you win all the

time," Dennis explained. This realization propelled him into the world of PPC

(Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), where he leveraged data to drive


The Importance of Diagnosis in Marketing

One of the key takeaways from Dennis's approach is the importance of diagnosis before

prescription. He likened the process to visiting a doctor: "When you go to the emergency

room, the doctor is going to get your vitals and your blood and your MRI and all these

stats, and from there diagnose and then treat." In marketing, this means understanding

the data before making any strategic decisions, rather than jumping straight to solutions

without a proper foundation.

The Power of Being Googleable

A significant focus of the conversation was the concept of being "Googleable." Dennis

emphasized that in today's digital age, visibility on search engines is crucial. "Everyone

wants to be on the first page of Google," he said. But achieving this requires more than

just fancy graphics or videos; it requires provable, tangible results. Dennis's strategy

revolves around finding what works and then amplifying it, a principle that applies

across industries.

Holding Marketers Accountable

Dennis also highlighted the importance of accountability in marketing. He criticized the

practice of making empty promises and stressed the need for marketers to be held to

measurable standards. "Why not look at your real data?" he asked, advocating for a

more transparent and results-driven approach.

The Future of Marketing with AI

Looking ahead, Dennis sees AI as a layer on top of existing search engine infrastructure,

rather than a replacement. He believes that the principles of data-driven marketing will

remain relevant, even as technology evolves. "Nothing has changed," he asserted,

emphasizing the enduring importance of foundational marketing strategies.

Personal Branding and Proof

Dennis shared his thoughts on personal branding, arguing that it's not about

self-promotion but about what others say about you. "Your personal brand is what other

people say about you, not what you say about yourself," he stated. He encouraged

marketers to focus on building genuine relationships and delivering real value, rather

than getting caught up in appearances.

Final Thoughts: Doubt and Data

When asked how he deals with doubt, Dennis's answer was straightforward: "You

Google it." He believes in turning to data and research to find answers and make

informed decisions. By surrounding himself with knowledgeable people and relying on

facts, Dennis navigates the uncertainties of entrepreneurship with confidence.

Written by Philip Lanos and Published By The Strategic Advisor Board Team